Himalaya Appetonic Forte Vet - Rumenorestorative & Digestive Tonic

Appetonic Forte Vet Powder

Rumenorestorative and digestive tonic

Rumenotoric: Appetonic forte Vet restores disturbed ruminal motility and corrects ruminal dysfunctions. It also normalizes ruminal pH.

Digestive and appetite stimulant: It stimulates saliva production and facilitates the growth of the ruminal microbial population. Appetonic forte Vet also improves appetite and digestion.

Ginger, Triphala


-Disturbed ruminal pH.
-Impaired ruminal motility.
-Ruminal stasis.
-Loss of appetite and indigestion.

Key Ingredients
Ayurveda texts and modern research back the following facts


Sunthi is a gastrointestinal tract stimulant and a carminative. It is a revered Ayurvedic remedy for stomach disorders like dyspepsia, flatulence and indigestion.


This is a combination of three time-tested herbs—Indian Gooseberry, Belleric Myrobalan and Chebulic Myrobalan. It is a natural detoxifier, colon cleanser and aids digestion.

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