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  • Himalaya Global Holdings

Himalaya HimTox - Dipolar Toxin Binder


    Dipolar Toxin Binder

    Toxin Binder HimTOX contains dipolar HSCAS and bentonite, which binds with a wide range of toxins like all types of aflatoxins, Fusarium toxins and penicillium toxins. Activated charcoal and MOS present in HimTOX also adsorbs a wide range of toxins present in feed.

    Mould inhibitor Organic acid present in HimTOX prevents mould growth and improves the palatability of feed.

    Hepatoprotective HimTOX contains Andrographis paniculata a well known herb for hepatoprotection. It is rich in Bitters class of compound e.g. diterpene lactones like - andrographolide, deoxyandrographolide and neo andrographolide for its hepatoprotective action.