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Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil With Pump Dispenser
Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil 200ml - Nourishes Skin & Prevents Dryness

Nourishing Baby Oil 200ml

Dhs. 19.00

    Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil is Enriched with olive oil and winter cherry acetate. It is a light, non-staining oil that can be used before bathing as a massage oil and for moisturizing after bathing. Daily massage has been shown to benefit baby's overall growth and development of muscles.

    • It is made from100% Natural Vegetable Oil and No Paraffin.
    • Olive Oil helps skin soft & nourished
    • Winter Cherry helps condition the skin
    • Maintains the fragile balance and complete well-being of your baby's skin by keeping it nourished and hydrated.
    • Key Ingredients
    Key Ingredients

    Olive Oil

    Olive Oil, is known to nourishes, protects and softens skin.


    Winter Cherry

    Winter Cherry revered for rejuvenating and skin-conditioning properties, Ashvagandha or Winter Cherry helps soothe and condition the skin.

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