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Himalaya is on an eternal quest to uncover the mysteries of nature. We chose the Himalaya mountain range of as our logo since it is a true reflection of nature's fascinating secrets. Our logo has been a representation of our closeness to nature and our pledge care for people and the Earth.

The peaks symbolize Himalaya's indomitable spirit of exploring new boundaries of nature's healing powers to develop a head-to-heel range of products that are safe, gentle and efficacious.

The green in our logo indicates our passion to explore the wonderful world of herbs, and the orange is the warmth we spread with our promise of happiness through wellness. The leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter H is representative of Himalaya's strong belief in discovering herbal solutions for health conditions.

Our logo embodies our commitment to the highest ethical standards in product development. Each product that carries our brand name and logo comes with the Himalaya assurance of quality and the promise of spreading Wellness in Every Home and Happiness in Every Heart.