A new dimension in BPH management

Provides relief from symptoms of BPH
Known to reduce prostate size and improve urinary flow
Is effective, safe, and well tolerated for long-term clinical management of BPH

This information is not substitute for medical consultation
  • Key Ingredients
Key Ingredients
Cutch Tree

Cutch Tree (Puga)

Cutch Tree (Puga) is chiefly responsible for inhibiting the 5α-reductase enzyme. This action blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, the major sex hormone in prostatic cells responsible for BPH.


Tribulus (Gokshura)

Tribulus (Gokshura) is useful in treating genitourinary infections, painful urination, hematuria and helps overcome symptoms associated with BPH

Three Leaved Caper

Three leaved caper (Varuna)

Three-leaved Caper (Varuna) relieves post-prostatectomy atony of bladder and improves overall bladder tone. It exhibits strong anti-inflammatory action that soothes BPH-induced pain.

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